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On TV #OurCreativeNorth

Fluid Pixel and the team have been featured on TV. A program dedicated to the North East have picked us out as their creative business of the week.

See the interview with our director, Stuart along with artist Gareth and programmer Paul below:

Our three minutes of fame are between 10:10 and 15:20.

Newcastle hits critical Mass

Nice report on the BBC today about startups in Newcastle and the community that’s really building nicely.

Happy to be part of it.

TimeMaps on BBC Click

A project we’ve been working on for a while has made its way onto BBC Click. They feature the website to the accompany the Apps for iOS and Android that are to be released soon.

This is the second time one of our projects has featured on the prestigious show, after the BubbleScope, the 360 panoramic smartphone attachment was given a full segment that became one of the most popular videos to watch online.

Cupple Singled out by Gizmodo

On Valentines day you can imagine that Gizmodo’s options are plentiful of ‘love’ apps that could be featured. However they chose Cupple as their App of the Day and awarded it a nice golden star.

Cupple, which we developed for the agency Darling Dash allows two people to privately share photos, location and messages with their better half and importantly, we don’t steal a users phone book at any point!

Go check out the App available from the App Store, it’s free!

Nokia Publisher Success

We’re proud to have been featured on the prestigious Nokia Developer site. We’ve been picked on for the downloads that we’ve achieved on the Ovi platform for our Flash content that we’ve released, including the mind boggling puzzle game Revolve.

Considering the fresh and talented competition in the mobile gaming market, the UK-based Fluid Pixel team, with a strong background in console game development, set forth to create a game that matched the capabilities of Nokia’s mobile phone technology, appealed to a wide audience and that didn’t rely on language, reactions, skill or knowledge.

For the full article and other great Developer insights take a look at or follow the Nokia team on Twitter.



Fluid Pixel in NEBusiness

We’ve been lucky enough to be featured in NEBusiness again this week for our work on the exciting developments in the Bubblepix project; “TECHNOLOGY which turns a smartphone into a camera that takes 360-degree panorama pictures”

“Paul Callaghan, deputy chief executive of DigitalCity Business, said he was delighted to see a North East company leading the way in app development and making such a significant contribution to the digital economy.”

The Bubble Scope is due out in November, initially for iPhone, but an Android version will follow shortly after.

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