About the Fluid Pixel Team

Fluid Pixel® has positioned itself at the forefront of media technologies working with exciting technology platforms such as iOS (the iPhone, iPad), Apple Watch, tvOS for the Apple TV and Android along with old favourites like Nokia and Blackberry. We are currently developing stimulating games and applications from our own unique IP for a variety of devices along with custom development work for worldwide clients. We’ve been going since 2007, having started out based at Teesside University in Middlesbrough.

In addition to our own IP we are interested in building on our current portfolio with licensed content, and can provide a variety of solutions to suit your needs; whether it be a full scale multi-platform game or simply a prototype for an App, our professional team can work with you to achieve your goals.

Who are we?

Stuart Varrall (Director)

“It’s great working at Fluid Pixel, we get to work on cutting edge projects and have a fantastic team, just a shame the boss is a nightmare to work for!”

Stuart on LinkedIn

Part of the family since Aug 2007.

Gareth Slack (Animator, Concept & 2D/3D Artist)

“One day I wandered into the office and the next thing I know people start paying me to draw cartoon animals. I have been here ever since!”

Follow Gareth’s work on his You Tube Channel and his varied 3D and sketch portfolio on Flickr.

Part of the family since September 2008.

Paul Jones (Programmer)

Paul started out here as an Intern but now full time he has quickly become an integral part of the Fluid Pixel team. When he wasn’t busy getting a degree in Maths or even playing Roller Derby, he managed to find some spare time to excel in Computer Game Engineering at Newcastle University.

Part of the family since May 2014.

Lauren Brown (Programmer)
Lauren came to us from Ubisoft’s well recognised Intern scheme to learn the ropes of mobile development. Already she’s been responsible for an enterprise iOS Apps and an Apple TV game. She has recently picked up Android development and is rather fond of cats.

Part of the family since April 2015.

Who Made Us?

Our family has changed over the years, here’s some of the great people who have been a part of the journey.

Philip Moore (Quality Architect, Trainee Programmer)

Phil’s been put in charge of quality throughout the Fluid Pixel process and a whizz on Pivotal Tracker. If there’s a bug he will find it, a problem he’s the man to go to. Phil has the final say on product releases, everything must go through him. Recently he’s been honing his programming skills and is now more than proficient with the Android platform.

Phil left to chase his dreams, travelling around the world. Last we heard he was in Australia cuddling Kangaroos (no, really).

Part of the family July 2011 – May 2015

James Coughlan (Programmer)

Jame’s story begins in Journalism, before he found his calling as a programmer and excelled in his Masters at Newcastle Uni. He’s been thrown into the deep end and has been tasked with covering both Android and Blackberry development for the team. He left us for greener shores (Ireland) and a role with Ryanair’s mobile team.

Part of the family October 2012 – March 2015.

Charlotte Lamcombe-Bar (Programmer)

Chai is the most enthusiastic member of the team and excels at overcoming challenges and learning new languages. Currently leading the Unity and iOS development she often has to be dragged away from her desk kicking and screaming in order to take a break from programming. Chai decided to branch out on her own and set up Mooshoo Labs MooShoo Labs

Part of the family August 2012 – December 2014.

Ryan Sullivan (Programmer)

The young whippersnapper, Ryan has hit the ground running with the team. Although he has an unhealthy love for monkeys riding backwards on pigs, his experience at Ubisoft has ensured he’s become an integral member of the team. Ryan drove away to Boss Alien of CSR Racing fame.

Part of the family May 2011 – Nov 2012


David Wilson (Programmer)

“You get to work with great people on exciting projects … the office even comes with its own panoramic views of Middlesbrough Newcastle!”

Part of the family January 2009.


Paul Kitchener (3D / UI Artist)

“It’s great working with such similar minded people, we’re all game geeks here and often reminisce about classics. I think knowing where the industry has came from is important with figuring out where it is going next”

See his portfolio on Carbonmade.

Part of the family March 2010 – Feb 2012

Jamie “Dallas” Stewart (Senior Programmer)

“The working environment here is fantastic, productive, and there’s plenty of tea to go around. I couldn’t ask to work with better people, this place makes going to work fun!”

Part of the family August 2009 – Jan 2012.