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TimeMaps on BBC Click

A project we’ve been working on for a while has made its way onto BBC Click. They feature the website to the accompany the Apps for iOS and Android that are to be released soon.

This is the second time one of our projects has featured on the prestigious show, after the BubbleScope, the 360 panoramic smartphone attachment was given a full segment that became one of the most popular videos to watch online.

BubblePix At the Gadget Show

If you’ve been keeping updated about what we are up to then you’ll know about the BubblePix project. Well, the good news is that we’ll be exhibiting at the Gadget Show Live event. If you’re coming along to the show then check out our stand in the Future Tech Zone.

If you’re not lucky enough to be going, then look out for exclusive news and information coming from the show and keep an eye on as the only place to share 360 images and video created on mobile devices in an instant.

Nokia Publisher Success

We’re proud to have been featured on the prestigious Nokia Developer site. We’ve been picked on for the downloads that we’ve achieved on the Ovi platform for our Flash content that we’ve released, including the mind boggling puzzle game Revolve.

Considering the fresh and talented competition in the mobile gaming market, the UK-based Fluid Pixel team, with a strong background in console game development, set forth to create a game that matched the capabilities of Nokia’s mobile phone technology, appealed to a wide audience and that didn’t rely on language, reactions, skill or knowledge.

For the full article and other great Developer insights take a look at or follow the Nokia team on Twitter.



Ovi 5 Million

Another milestone reached, this time on the Ovi Store, where we’ve reached the 5 million download mark. We’ve been amongst the top developer list for a while now, but reaching this target is a huge boost to the team.

We’ve seen consistent growth from the store and the downloads cover a range of titles, including the Number 1 Overall title Revolve, through to Animentals, the virtual pet sensation and not forgetting the Official Italian Football Games for the Azzurri.

Part of our success has been targeting the whole range of Nokia devices, from legacy S40 devices to the latest and greatest smart phones. We’ve been able to do this by using Flash to create the content, which can be designed to suit every device that Nokia releases thanks to their inbuilt support of Flash as a platform.