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Newcastle – Creative City

There’s an insightful article about Newcastle and its host of attractions, creative talent, venues and events by the lovely Creative Boom team. If you ever wanted to know “Why Newcastle?” then here’s your answer(s)

Student Placement Week

We’ve had a great week in the Sun here at Fluid Pixel. Especially as we’ve had the talented William Price on a Work Experience week from Cardinal Hume School. We introduced Will to the development environment and all areas from design to coding through testing. Here’s what he had to say:

“My work experience was an experience I won’t forget. I’ve met some awesome people who have skills far beyond my level. Over the course of the week, I have created a game with Actionscript in Flash. The game doesn’t meet a good standard however I made a game with no knowledge of Flash and Actionscript. I couldn’t have learned these skills without the help of staff in Fluid Pixel and the other companies in the workplace. I had an enjoyable week but it felt quite short, time flies when you’re having fun I guess.”

-William Price