Newtons Cradle Desk Toy

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Available on 20th February for $2.99.

Newton’s Cradle is a desk toy for Apple Vision Pro. A stunning executive accessory to add some relaxation to your environment without cluttering your physical space.

Newtons Cradle Desk Toy for Apple Vision Pro

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The App is Paid with a one off price of $2.99 USD.

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About the App

Pull or push the balls like a real toy to change how many are part of the simulation. You can use the controls on the Cradle to turn off the sound from the collisions if you want a visual only experience.

Uniquely for the digital cradle you can also change the balls on the fly, from metal, to a self illuminated glow and even an Earth, perfect for relaxing on the Moon.

The Cradle works in the vacuum of the Apple Vision Pro so will simulate forever.

The controls are built into the model so no floating windows here, the accessability supported buttons include:

Vision Pro Screenshots
Newtons Cradle Desk Toy Screenshot 1 Newtons Cradle Desk Toy Screenshot 2
Newtons Cradle Desk Toy Screenshot 3 Newtons Cradle Desk Toy Screenshot 4

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Stuart Varrall

About the Developer

Developed by Stuart Varrall in Queensland, Australia.

Stuart has been developing for mobile devices since before the iPhone. Graduating from Teesside University, UK with a Masters in Computer Animation, he started his career in the games industry working on console games. He started developing apps and games for Nokia phones, having success in the Ovi store with the top downloaded game Revolve.

On the release of the App Store in 2008 he jumped onto iPhone development and hasn’t looked back. Developing Apps and games for clients and independently since, as well as spinning out businesses such as BubblePix, a 360 photo and video capture device.

Currently living in Central Queensland, Australia he’s now focussed full time on Apple Vision Pro projects, combining his unique background in Computer Animation, 360 video and App Development.

Development Journey